• About us
  • Where we are    
  • Facilities
  • What we offer
  • Objectives
  • How we operate
  • Activities and workshops
  • Multi-adventure
  •  Programs



1. About us

The Granja Escuela ARROYO DE LAS VIÑAS is a pioneering institution in Andalusia for non-traditional education, with over 30 years’ experience in nature activities, recreation and leisure activities.

It is geared towards children and teenagers, from 6 to 16, who will form groups and learn to live surrounded by nature, how to treat animals and nature and who will also enjoy an exceptional multi-adventure program.




2. Where we are

The “Granja Escuela Arroyo de las Viñas”, is located in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra de las Nieves, in the village of Alozaina.












Three pavilions


160 children

350 m2 respectively

Two dining rooms with independent kitchens


110 children

250 m2



Capacity 20

12 m3

Water recreation area


Capacity 100

700 m3

2 semi-open areas

70 children

100 children



1 ballroom


75 children

200 m2

Two sports courts

No limit

800 m2

500 m2


Two workshops


30 children


100 m2



30 children

100 m2

1 audiovisuals room


45 children

150 m2

Skating area


25 children

150 m2

Horse round pen


15 children

15 m. diameter

Animal rearing area


No limit

70 m2



No limit

100 m2

Duck pond


No limit


Multi-adventure area


No limit


Quad area


No limit




No limit

100,000 m2






4. What we offer

We provide personalised programs for Schools (Pre-school, Primary and Secondary), companies, city halls, associations etc. Programs with multi-adventure activities, crafts, workshops, animal care, gymkhanas, etc.

All of the programs provided at the Granja Escuela “Arroyo de las Viñas” aim to promote direct contact with nature, to teach about our natural environment and to develop awareness of our surroundings and how to take care of it.


Our team of professionals comprise people from different disciplines who work in non-traditional

education, who work together as a group, creatively and actively, to offer new activities on an on-going basis.



  • We aim for children to spend a few days away from their routines and to learn, beyond the family environment, about the values of living alongside each other with respect and tolerance, etc. All this in close contact with nature.
  • We provide a personalised service, with alternatives and resources that will meet your requirements and special needs.


6. How we operate

Animal care and workshops

            Their purpose is to provide direct contact with nature, teach and raise awareness about our environment and how to care for it.



Multi-adventure activities

The activities are carried out at our centre and some include a hike through the countryside. All of the multi-adventure activities are led by qualified monitors. The activities aim to reinforce personal achievements, overcome fears and provide a sense of adventure.


7. Activities and workshops


  • Introduction to horsemanship
  • Pony rides
  • Gardening
  • Animal husbandry
  • Baking
  • Herb garden
  • Reforestation
  • Making orange juice / lemonade




  • Paper recyclingFace painting
  • Masks
  • Paperweights
  • Bracelets
  • Leather work
  • Popular games
  • Synchronisation games
  • Ecological fishing



 Circus acts:

  • Cariocas
  • Balls
  • Clubs
  • Chinese plates
  • Balloon shapes
  • Chinese sticks
  • Fantasy and children's face painting




8. Multi-adventure

  • Zip line
  • Rappel
  • Paintball
  • Bow and arrows
  • Tracking routes
  • Introduction to scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Etc.




9. Programs

            The programs vary depending on the requirements of the group, where they come from, priorities with the students, specific needs of the group, the arrival and departure times, etc.

You can contatac with us at:


or by whatsapp at:








Crta Malaga-Ronda Km 42 0 0
29567 Alozaina


Correo electrónico:

También puede llamarnos, enviar un whatsapp al teléfono: +34722573956 o bien utilizar nuestro email

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